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Skyrocket your Telegram channel growth

This cross promotion automation tool makes the process quick and effortless.

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Erzy is the perfect solution for channel promotion

You're tired of manually DMing channel admins who don't reply. Erzy creates an automatic, no-contact cross promotion flow for your channel.

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    Automatic posting and deleting of promo posts

    Erzy bot will automatically post, monitor and delete promo posts on both channels participating in cross promo

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    Easy installation

    It take only 3 easy steps to install Erzy on your channel and start scheduling cross promotions with other channels in your category

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    Easy scheduling

    With Erzy scheduling of cross promotion you can plan promotions for a year ahead

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    Search for best promo partner

    Erzy tracks all of the channel stats so you do not have to worry if the channel you chose for cross promo is good fit for your channel

Features that make Erzy special

From finding potential channels for cross-promotion to posting promo posts and generating statistics for every campaign, Erzy will become your favorite tool to promote your Telegram channel.

How To Install Erzy?

You can install Erzy Bot with a simple 3-step process that hardly takes 2 minutes. Once you have installed Erzy, take a fancy to start seeing your channel shooting into the stratosphere!

Our success in numbers

The success of Erzy lies in the rapid popularity it has gained among the Telegram influencers community.




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Want to expand your outreach as an influencer?

Use Erzy Bot to promote your Telegram channel for free and increase your outreach.


A frequently asked questions list

  • How many channels can participate in the cross-promotion?

    We do not endorse promoting a long list of channel links. It not only makes things look ugly but also reduces the effectiveness and doesn’t allow the admin to measure results. Therefore, the Erzy allows 1-on-1 cross-promotion where one channel link will be posted per channel.
  • Do I need to pay to do cross-promotion using Erzy?

    No! Currently Erzy is totally free and comes without any hidden fees. In the future we will choose a way to monetize our service, but at the moment we still haven’t figured it out.
  • Will your bot post things on my channel by itself?

    No! Erzy bot only posts cross-promotion posts that you have already approved. Nothing will be posted without your approval.
  • Can I schedule several cross-promotions?

    Yes, you can schedule as many cross-promotions as you want. However, the bot can only perform 1 cross-promotion at a time. Whenever you schedule multiple cross-promotions at a time, make sure that their duration does not clash with that of each other.
  • Can I conduct cross-promotion of Telegram group chats or private channels?

    Erzy supports private channels, but Telegram group chats are not included in cross-promotion as of now. Please stick to our updates to see if this feature is added in the future.
  • What happens if I delete the bot from my channel during the cross-promotion?

    Erzy bot hates it when you delete it during a cross-promotion. It gives you a warning and in case of repetition, your channel will be blocked permanently.
  • Can I edit the channel description after starting the cross-promo?

    You can edit the channel description anytime. However, the updated description will not be effective for any running cross-promotion. The change will be applied to your channel in the next cross-promotion.
  • I registered with bot but there are no channels in the "Suggested channels list", what can I do?

    If you do not see any channels in the ‘suggested channels’ list, this means that there are no registered channels of the same rage of average post views in your category. You may check Invite list where you can choose to invite channel by generating invitation message(bot will send it to you in Telegram) which you can forward to channel admin to invite him/her to join you in for cross promotion. Once invited admin has joined you will get notified.